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    Date Name & Age Country Comment Source
    Feb. 15,
    Octavio Antonio Fernandez

    age: 57
    USA former baseball player
    Feb. 15,
    Caroline Flack
    age: 40 / suicide
    UK was due in court next month on charges of assaulting her boyfriend
    Feb. 10,
    Paul Kelly
    age: 62 / suicide
    Iran former CEO of ­suicide helpline Console / days after the decision to charge him over a massive €500,000 scam
    Feb. 07,
    Orson Bean
    age: 91
    USA Actor / Father-in-Law of Andrew Breitbart / Killed in Hit and Run
    Feb. 04,
    Jacques Menard
    age: 74
    Canada former president of Bank of Montreal
    Feb. 04,
    Daniel arap Moi
    age: 95
    Kenya former president of Kenya
    Feb. 04,
    Francis Allan Plummer
    age: 67
    Canada former scientific director of Canadas National Microbiology Laboratory / was at the helm of the lab during the SARS, influenza and H1N1 epidemics, as well as during the development of an Ebola vaccine / founded by Bill Gates
    Feb. 03,
    Deborah A. Batts
    age: 72
    USA first openly gay member of the federal judiciary / was set to preside over Michael Avenatti's trial on charges of stealing money from Stormy Daniels
    Feb. 02,
    Bernard Ebbers
    age: 78
    Canada former CEO of WorldCom Inc. / spent more than 13 years in prison for participating in one of the largest accounting frauds in U.S. history / was granted early release in Dec. 2019
    Jan. 31,
    Anne Cox Chambers
    age: 100
    USA helped take over Cox Enterprises and also served as the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium
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